StationOne is committed to more responsible consumption and the circular economy.

StationOne is committed to more responsible consumption and the circular economy.

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The European Climate Law voted in June 2021 by the European Parliament confirmed the objective of climate neutrality by 2050. Transport, which today accounts for more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, will therefore be at the forefront of the decarbonisation strategy put in place by the European authorities. To achieve this, it will be necessary to combine technological progress and sobriety in the uses and operation of equipment and infrastructure.
StationOne is developing solutions and offers to help customers and buyers prepare for this major upheaval for the rail transport industry.

Concrete commitments in circular economy

The marketplace has decided to step up on ecological and responsible themes and this is how teams have deployed a new “Circular Economy” category on the platform. It brings together product and service offer that promote sustainable consumption and limit consumption, the waste of resources or the production of industrial waste. This new section contains:

A “Second hand products” section has been set up to promote second-hand products. It allows sellers, but above all railway operators, to promote and sell parts that have already been used and to reduce the consumption of natural resources. These products are an essential link in the circular economy because they make it possible to extend the useful life of products that have already been transformed.

A”Stock clearance” section to encourage sellers and buyers to offer their dormant stocks on the platform. These products, which are immobilized or correspond to references that have become obsolete, constitute an accounting load and oblige companies to have a strong land footprint in terms of storage and warehousing. The recovery of these stocks is fully part of the circular economy and makes it possible, specially for chemical or dangerous products, to reduce the risks of pollution or degradation of industrial sites.

A”Repaired parts” will be added in the coming months to enrich the offers available to rail operators.

This new section meets the needs of the platform’s buyers and sellers and demonstrates our commitment and our desire to support the ecological transition and responsible consumption in the rail sector, announces Jean-Charles Bervet, StationOne Marketplace Manager.

A business partner for more responsible consumption

In the coming months, new initiatives should come to better orient buyers towards responsible consumption and to promote sellers and their so-called “green” offers that are more respectful of the environment.We are thinking with our partners about how to better promote eco-responsible products, via the product page on the platform and the highlighting of labels and certifications obtained by companies” confirms Jean-Charles Bervet.

Sellers are sensitive to this approach and are beginning to highlight innovations and services that go in the direction of sobriety and carbon neutrality.

The polish company AW Solutions, offers lubricating products for train wheels. Its innovative sticks, made up of recycled and organic products, reduce friction coefficients and limit maintenance and energy consumption on trains equipped with them. These products are part of the process of technological innovation and sobriety in consumption recommended by the European Union to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Come and see our series of articles soon on initiatives and commitments made by StationOne to promote responsible consumption.